Joia has become, over the years, a temple of vegetarian cuisine. A crossroad for both gourmet and passionate of natural cuisine.
All the ingredients are organic, most of them cultivated by nearby farmers, the others coming from our synergistic garden.
Nature is the first source of inspiration, in its respect, representing its essence in colours and shapes, counted by seasons and places.
A perfectionist research, respectful of the Earth, of all beings and anyone who eats. It is lighter in fat, gluten and sugar, but rich in taste.
The dishes are colourful, rich in shapes and contrasts. Always original, never ordinary, created to express an ideal or feeling.
16 cooks are working in the kitchen to ensure high level standard and to bind young professionals more closely to this world shifted into the future.
Joia gives us great satisfaction, the average price is about 100 euros. An amount that is worth it.

At Joia, from Monday to Friday, you can choose among different proposals for lunch: the “Square dish”, a little gourmet tasting in a unique dish combined with 4 salty tastes at 20 euro, or with 5 tastes, dessert include, at 25 euro. Every day we propose a different cereal, inspired by anthroposophy. Water and coffee are included.
For fuller tasting, still for lunch, we offer a 3-course-menu at 50 euro and a 4-course-menu at 60 euro. It is always possible to choose our traditional tasting and à-la-carte menu!

To best pair these precious dishes, a list of interesting wines, pressed juices and herbal infusion. All rigorously organic.

We look forward to welcoming you!