BEING VEGETARIAN AT EXPO by The vegetarian chance

BEING VEGETARIAN AT EXPO by The vegetarian chance

From Expo a deep and fundamental message for the next generations and for the wellness of the Earth and its inhabitants: human being, animals and plants.
This message holds the theory for an extreme change for the safeguard of nature and biodiversity, and for a solution to the world hunger problem.
This big and well-spent energy has been included in “Carta di Milano”, a document that gives different solutions to the problems we are gripped by. First of all, the pollution, the unfair assignment of natural resources, food and power waste, degenerative illness related to incorrect life styles.
From the point of view of many people, the vegetarian diet is the most appropriate for a positive change in attitude.
We can follow and put into practice the enunciated theory by a lower consumption of meat and harmful ingredients.

We have organized a vegetarian day on September 15, three special and interesting appointments to captivate the attention of all the pavillions.

Please find here below the detailed program:

– from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm at Slow Food Theater I will introduce the lecture “Vegetarian diet and spirituality” with the special appearance of:
Carlin Petrini, Slow Food founder, Marco Ferrini, president of Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta, Don Luca Bressan, Lama Paijin Tulku Rimpoche, Simone Molteni, science director of Life Gate, Gabriele Eschenazi, founder of “The Vegetarian Chance” who will talk about vegetarian cuisine in the Jewish world.
We are confident that Giuseppe Sala, general commissioner for Expo, will join us.

– from 4 pm to 5 pm at Identità Golose Expo, with our friend Paolo Marchi, a vegetarian meeting among chefs named: “Great vegetarian cuisine: for our health, the environment and taste”
With the special appearance of: Davide Oldani, Mark Moriarty, the winner of Young Chef San Pellegrino contest, with a vegetarian dish, the brilliant environmentalist Carlo Modonesi, professor of human ecology at Parma University, Gabriele Eschenazi and myself.

– 8 pm at Identità Golose Expo – dinner “at four hands” with Joia restaurant and Mark Moriarty.

As chef Ambassador I am asking to all the countries to promote vegetarian food for that day, at their complete discretion, for example by the creation of a special vegetarian menu or holding specific debates on the issue.

I hope for maximum attendance to this important event and its interesting appointments.

Pietro Leemann

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